BRATS 5GHz Links and WB3DZO Fully online!

K0RYX, N3GXH, and KB3PLX spent a few hours on a chilly, icy roof adjusting the aim of one of the dishes, and a few more hours inside tweaking settings, before finally getting everything set just right.

Our 9.4 mile wifi link now has ping times of 1.1-1.4 ms, and sustained bidirectional transfer rates of 80 Mbps! With a little more tweaking we hope to boost that even more.

This should eliminate the occasional pop/digitization that occurred when voting between sites, and give us a strong, solid signal through the worst weather we can expect.

WB3DZO now has modern, reliable links, battery backups and emergency power, and multiple control points - standing by for the snowy season ahead!

Here's N3GXH holding up the 30dB dish as we mount the radome/shield around it:
5 GHz  Dish with RF Armor

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