BRATS Presents High Speed Data Network Design for Amateur Radio

The Baltimore Radio ATV Society invites all hams and technology enthusiasts to our next meeting on Monday, April 14, at 7 pm at the Pikesville Library in Reisterstown, MD.

The Brats have built a high speed digital backbone connecting 5 sites across 20 miles of Baltimore, replacing our aging analog repeater links with modern commercial wireless gear and in the process joining the forefront of a technological revolution.

Learn about our early trials, how we planned our network, how we selected our gear, why we spent hours a hundred feet above the ground on a frigid winter night - and why we can send 3 gigabytes of data in 300 seconds with wind gusts over 50.

Get an overview of the regulatory environment and concerns. What frequencies can we use? Is encryption allowed? How do we secure the network, and how do we ensure priority traffic gets through?

See how the Brats are currently using our network today, where we're going tomorrow, and how the amateur radio community can leverage this technology in both everyday amateur use and emergency situations.

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